Poem for Identifying Frozen Emotions

A Frozen Emotion

Where is the divine ?
Waiting and waiting in line 
Searching everywhere 
Even looking through every strand of hair 

Hunting and chasing this or that 
Even that chap once wearing a hat 
Believing it’s in them 
That certain energy possessed only by them 

That worry that they will leave 
That feeling that there will be no reprieve 
It’s a torturous field 
Which offers no elemental shield 

Sometimes believes are real 
Sometimes our energy they steal 
For the divine is everywhere 
Even in each strange of our hair 

There’s no other to find 
No other mind 
For we are all one 
But from this we chose to run 

Dial into this believe 
Dial into what generates the most grief 
For what have we really lost ?
Whats within us, yet encased in frost ? 

Written by Zoe LL

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