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In the Company of Foxes

Let down 
Hearing the disconcerting sounds 
“We can’t help“
It’s time to engage inner stealth 

Tears flow 
On a path, nobody knows 
Perhaps in to the rivers flow 
To where, we don’t really know 

At some point they will hit the sea 
After so many winds and curves flowing monotonously
Sometimes they flow fast
Sometimes it feels like this flow will everlast 

So much water 
For we are all somebody's daughter 
Battered around 
Allowed to drown 

No care in the business minded fox lair 
We need to beware 
Always taking self care 
For the foxes lair, is often not fair 

It’s time to lean into hesitation 
Take the time to read 
See the human greed

There are companies that exist 
To twist our minds, until they feel like they don’t exist 
Industries that have no soul 
Without thought, they will throw you into a hole 

No customer care 
In their foxes lair 
Juist empty ideas 
Like verbal diarrhoea 

To our psychic minds
Honestly is a rare breed
Driven out by the numbers, that appear to have real needs 

We can live in hope 
They we don’t suffocate on their rope 
For they carry a noose 
With their coercive abuse 

Sad times 
So many crimes 
But sometimes the fox gets eaten 
And these cultures can be beaten 

Written by Zoe Langman August 2023 

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