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Mind Domination

Where is the leisure ?
Where is the pleasure ?
Nowhere to be found 
Maybe in the bounds of the shaking ground 

The earth quakes 
Or its it us, that cannot walk straight 
Tension and re-load 

Frustration creeps in 
It feels like there’s no win win 
Tension high 
We wonder why 

Strange days 
Towns filled with dismay 
All appears material 
Where is the ethereal ?

Frustration with no pleasure 
No time for leisure 
Always checking the clock
Never allowed to stop 

Slaves to the mind 
Forgetting our own hearts can be kind 
No self empathy 
Just self treachery 

A ticking time bomb 
Self love long gone 
Mind domination 
Towns full of frustration 

Written by Zoe Langman, 15th August 2023 

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