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The Shadow Queen of Tarts

“Your feelings don’t matter"
With these words, the glass shatters 
The windows you normally see through 
Are now a cage, darkly shaded in a dirty blue

Whirlwinds take centre stage 
Emotional distress turns to rage 
The nothingness creeps
The feeling of being terribly weak 

Meditating on why no one appears to care
How you feel like a rabbit trapped in a snare 
A broken leg
You can’t walk so you’ll have to beg 

The worthless reign appears 
An energy you hold so dear 
So many lies
So many times you’ve cried 

Another round of emotional coercion 
Another cycle of painful diversion 
Away from your path 
Away from the power of your burning hearth 

Ideas being broken 
They rise up like free tokens 
Arisen from cold hearts 
The shadow queen of Tarts 

She lost herself 
The moment it was twelve 
She believed their lies 
The power on which they thrive 

But there’s a simple way 
To create a new day, today 
To learn, to discern 
Burn the painful words in your golden urn 

Written by Zoe Langman, 6th August 2023 

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