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Poem: The Overstimulation of Minds

The Overestimation of Minds

Cheap Dreams
Battling through the unclean 
Mould and rust 
Who do we trust?

Those who compel 
This side, that side 
Who will provide ?

There's a wave of lack 
A threat of an attack 
Picture perfect has gone
The television drones on and on 

There’s no mind-space
We are still in the rat race 
Faster and faster we go 
What’s really going on down below?

Thus captured 
The overstimulation of our minds 
Our eyes covered by rose-tinted blinds 

We only see 
A small degree 
Of what we are being shown 
Our minds are too blown 

Can we cope with this?
This masquerade of bliss
Or will we implode?
The truth is, none of us really knows 

Written by Zoe Langman 20th March 2023 

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