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Poem: Separation


What’s rising?
What’s arising?
There are ideas dancing around 
Mirrored through sound 

There’s music outside 
And inside 
To which sounds do we dance?
Where are we still entranced?

Can we see what’s in front of our eyes?
Or are we distracted by the blue skies 
Do you know that it’s dust? in dust we trust 
In all these deep blues, with wonderful hues 

Pulled to the beauty 
Pulled to the ball 
But we must accept it all 
So sings the eagles call 

When we rise up high 
See all of the skies 
Observe the earth 
Watch our place of birth 

See our soul seed in that land 
When we let go of gods hand 
And came to earth 
Through our earth's birth 

When we detached 
Like a bomb blast 
That pain runs deep 
For this, we are not meek 

We are finding our way home 
To whom we were grown 
When we return to our shrine 
We shall find the divine 

Written by Zoe Langman 16th March 2023 
A stripped floor

Stripped of Pleasure

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