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Poem: Waiting to be Heard

Waiting to be Heard

The mind begins debating 
Drifting through the brain 
Like a runaway train 

Where is the patience gene?
As yet it remains unseen 
On the phone 
Patience is blown 

Will anyone ever pick up 
Is there a feeling of being snubbed?
Do you wonder about this?
What do you miss?

Is there no answer here?
Have you disappeared?
Do you even exist?
Is this your wish?

A lost identity 
On a boat at sea 
Do you wonder where she’ll go?
And if you’ll ever know?

As you wait
Do you feel rising hate?
The idea of not being heard 
All this time, it’s absurd 

Walking through small things 
Can bring us the greatest wins 
The deeper you dive into the waiting well 
The easier to find your source of hell 

Written by Zoe Langman 16th March 2023 
A stripped floor

Stripped of Pleasure

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