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Poem: Attempted Trickery

When you think someone is looking out for you 
And you know now, what you wish you knew 
That time ago 
When they were a no show 

Allowing it to rot 
Never giving it their best shot 
Shooting me down 
Laughing and acting the clown 

The humour at my pain 
At me, you threw the blame 
When this burden is really yours 
Perhaps you’ll see it when you mature 

A grown man 
With extremely capable hands 
Throwing the dirt my way 
Leaving me lost in a land of disarray 

Non belief
Until I refuse to retreat 
You say no, to what is yours 
I see how you try to obscure 

The truth 
But don’t worry I can be a sleuth 
I can dig deep 
Find secrets that will make you weak 

I detest your desire to enrapture 
My mind you are trying to capture 
To your point of view 
Which I know is not true 

Written by Zoe Langman, August 8th 2023 

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