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The Messy Perfectionist

So much left undone 
So many places to run 
Run away 
Start again another day 

Too many tabs open 
Too many things are broken 
So much disarray 
Too much started and left rotting in the hay 

Step by step 
Looking at the time that there is left 
What’s the best thing to do ?
Instead of starting a anew 

Can you pick something up ?
Finish it, by sewing it up ?
Another thing done 
You can put down the loaded gun 

There’s no shame 
In creating so much pain 
The painfully undone 
The desire to run 

Just the ability to accept and see 
That this is what it will be 
When you keep picking up the new 
And the feeling by not finishing, will leave the world dark blue

written by Zoe Langman, August 2023  

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